L.V.D.College is going to celebrate Diamond Jubilee in this academic year 2013-14.
suave General Secretary of Taranath Shikshana Samsthe took over charge on April 2011 previously he has worked as a Joint Secretary of TSS. He is recognized as one of the Young legal lumanaries of Raichur Dist, who enriched his experience under the guidance of Late Shri M.Nagappaji. He is currently holding the position of District pleader of Raichur .His keen desire to take up social activities besides the profession enabled him and plunge into the education field and promote the same to all groups of people.
His dynamism and enthusiasm to contribute to the growth of the samsthe .He plans to blend the opposites harmonically such as the empiricism of the scientific temper and the empathy of the creative mind.
The ebullience of the youth and the elegance of age, he firmly believes in the support between the management and the staff and working as one unit and one family,certainly helps in fulfilling the aims and objectives of the samsthe, to the culmination of success.

E-Mail Address: maskinagaraj515@gmail.com

Sri. Maski Nagaraj
Taranath Shikshana Samsthe
TEL : 08532 - 240286 , 240707 , FAX : + 91 - 8532 - 240707
E-mail : lvdrcr@gmail.com