Taranath Shikshana Samsthe
Sports & Envents

The college encourages its students to participate in extra curricular activities like NCC, NSS, cultural activities, sports and games.

A) Sports: 2009-10
1) Table Tennis Men’s team : University Runners-up, Men’s team : Zonal Runners-up, Women’s team : University Runners-up
2) Foot Ball Men’s team : University Runners-up
3) Shuttle Badminton Men’s Team : University Championship

Sports persons of our college have participated in the following events in the All India Inter University South Zone Tournaments held at various universities
1. Table Tennis
2. Foot Ball
3. Athletics
4. Volley Ball
5. Shuttle Badminton

4) Our College Athletic team has won the second place in the 29th Gulbarga Univesity Inter Collegiate Athletic meet with 39 points.

5) Following is the list of university players:
1. Miss. Geetha - Table Tennis
2. Miss. Deepika - Table Tennis
3. Vasukumar - Foot Ball
4. Meghnath - Athletics
5. Dhananjaya - Athletics
6. Azim Pasha - Volley Ball
7. Miss Sowmya - Shuttle Badminton
8. Miss. Ashwini - Shuttle Badminton

2010-11 (i) 1. Women Shuttle Badminton Team – won the championship of the Gulbarga Univeristy, Gulbarga the consecutively for 6th time.
2. Men Cricket Team – Raichur District Inter Collegiate Open Tournament champions.
3. Men Cricket Team – Inter Collegiate Zonal winners.
4. Men Volley Ball Team - Inter Collegiate Zonal winners.
5. Women Table Tennis Team – Inter Collegiate Zonal winners.
6. Men Table Tennis Team – Inter Collegiate Zonal runners-up.
7. Men Shuttle Badminton Team – Inter Collegiate Zonal runners-up.
8. Won 10 points at the University Inter Collegiate Athletic Meet.
9. Won many prizes at open tournaments.

(ii) University players:
1. Swamy, B.A. II Sem - Kho-Kho
2. Kalavathi, B.Sc. II Sem - Volley Ball
3. Ashwini M, B.Sc. VI Sem - Shuttle Badminton
4. Ashwini B., B.Sc. VI Sem - Shuttle badminton
5. Chetan Diddagi, B.Sc. IV Sem - Foot Ball
6. Suresh, B.Sc. II Sem - Foot Ball
7. Felomen, BCA II Sem - Foot Ball

(iii) Annual Sports Day and Felicitation to Achievers in Sports 2010-11 was conducted on 3rd May 2011.