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The following are the committees.

1) Admission Committee
2) Time table Committee
3) Examination Committee
4) Library Committee
5) Equipment Committee
6) Sports Committee
7) Discipline Committee
8) Campus maintenance Committee
9) Students Grievance Redressal Committee
10) Placement Cell Committee
11) Cultural Committee
12) ECA Committee
13) IQAC Committee
14) Income tax/Pay fixation Committee
15) Students Training Committee
16) UGC Committee
17) ‘LVD Vani’ Editorial Board
18) Research Papers Publication Committee

    Following are the details of the activities of various committees.    
1. Admission Committee:

The committee meets in the beginning of the academic year, monitors the admission by counseling the students and prepares the list of the students.

2. Time table Committee:

The committee prepares time table for all the classes at the beginning of the academic year. The same is provided to the HOD’s, for the distribution of workload to the teachers. The same is followed scrupulously by all the teachers.

3. Examination Committee:

The examination committee, consisting of the principal and senior staff members chalks out the examination schedules and monitors the conduct of internal test which is the part of academic curriculum.

4. Library Committee:

The library committee consisting of the principal, the librarian and the members of the staff of various departments, allocates the budget and monitors the purchase of books, journals and periodicals.

5. Equipment Committee:

The committee collects the requirements of laboratory equipments from the science departments and recommends for the purchase within the budget limit.

6. Sports Committee:

The principal, along with the physical director, staff members and sports students constitutes the committee. The committee takes care of the sports equipments to be purchased, sports activities to be taken up in the college and overall progress of the sports persons of the college.

7. Discipline Committee:

This committee comprising the principal, senior members of the staff, NCC, NSS and student welfare officers is a watchdog committee to enforce total discipline among the students within the college premises.

8. Campus Maintenance Committee:

This committee looks after the cleanliness of the class rooms, maintenance of college building and the campus.

9. Student Grievance Redressal Committee:

The committee attends to all kinds of students’ problems and tries to find a solution for them.

10. Placement Cell Committee:

The placement cell establishes a rapport with different firms, which approach for the job opportunities for the students and arranges campus interviews.

11. Cultural Committee:

The committee takes care of all cultural activities to be held in the college and participation of the students in various cultural activities in the district, university and also state level.

12. Extra Curricular Activities Committee:

This committee is constituted as per the guidelines of the university curriculum. It motivates the students to take part in various extra curricular activities, also evaluates their performance, maintain records and awards marks as per the university guidelines.

13. IQAC Committee:

The IQA committee gives guidelines to the various departments, monitors the academic quality and implement the measures and action plan to improve the academic standard. It pools the data from the various departments, prepares annual report and submits the same to the council.

14. Income Tax/Pay fixation Committee:

This committee supports the office in the preparation of Income tax deductions of the employees and also their pay fixation, arrears, whenever there is a pay revision.

15. Students Training Committee:

The committee comprising principal and senior staff members takes care of arranging various student training programmes like orientation programme for freshers, communication skill programme for second year and career guidance programme for outgoing students.

16. U.G.C. Committee:

The committee looks after research activities like preparation and submission of proposals for M.R.P., F.I.P, organization and participation in various seminars, conferences, workshops etc. The committee also looks into the correspondence with U.G.C. office, procuring of grants, submission of accounts etc.

In the year 2009-10, UGC has sanctioned 16 lakhs under General Development Grant and 56 lakhs under 16 merged schemes. The college has also received a grant of Rs. 80 lakhs for the construction of women’s hostel.

17. ‘LVD Vani’ Editorial Board:

The committee collects the articles from staff and students edits the articles and publishes them in ‘LVD Vani’, the college magazine.

18. Research Papers Publication Committee:

The committee collects the articles from staff, which they have published in newspapers, magazines and presented in seminars/conferences. These research articles are published in the LVD college research publication regularly.

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